hiii there, here i want to show u a way learning fingeroll, that means alternate tapping with 2 fingers. the destination is that u r able to tap only by alternate fingers. with the following moves i want to give u skillz that u can react in every  situation, with the right tapping behaviour (i call this tap combo). training them a bit will make u able to react as fast as u need in the game.

there 2 fine ways for doing fr:

1. change ur space in two keys, with an external programm

2. make ur space key more sensitiv, with doin rubber under the key.

realise one of this points, otherwise fingeroll will be frustarting for u, im using a sensitiv 0 key for the right hand. it reacts by blowing air on it.

tutorial1, 2 tapes for outlaw and climbing.

tutorial2, fast tapage

tutorial3, 3 tapes

tutorial4, 2tap and 3tap combos

some thinking about fr

im using the 0 key on right for tapping, so im taping right handed. watch my space key:

as u can see, there is a piece of rubber sticked under the key-plug. it is as big as possible, that the key cant move down anymore. this keyplug is very big, that is helpfull, becuase theres no metal bar needed and the rubber tuning works better then.